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Blue Lake Demo Day in London! Thank you all for joining us!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

From the very start of the Blue Lake Accelerator we aimed at connecting two ecosystems, the UKs and Ukraines helping our startups to achieve something special. This is why Blue Lake’s Demo day in London was a huge milestone for us. With 6 startups coming from Ukraine, two from our friends at Google Campus, international speakers and over 70 attendees this was always gonna be special, and it was! We want to thank our partners, mentors, startups and attendees for taking part. It still too early to talk of the final results but four of the 8 startups are now in talks with investors and partners, and we have seen considerable interest in the Blue Lake itself.

We are now working on launching the second cohort of Blue Lake Accelerator and we will have a bit of a surprise announcement soon.

If you are interested in finding out more about our startups, Blue Lake itself, becoming a sponsor or a partner for next Demo Day, drop us a line

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