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We love discovering hidden startup gems be it immigrant founders coming to the UK or startups outside of M25 that dont get as much spotlight as their London based peers. We recognise that these founders may need extra help with navigating the world of Venture Capital and we are offering support through our South Yorkshire bases Accelerator and Workshops

Blue Lake 2 Day Workshop - Sheffield 20 - 21 May

Go to Market & Fundraising For (Very) Early-Stage Startups. An intense two days in person workshop for South Yorkshire founders covering the basics of early stage business model & fundraising for startups. If you have yet to raise funding or are looking to move beyond "friends and family" - this programme is for you. Please note that as this is an in-person event, the number of spaces is limited!

  • How to validate your idea and product?

  • What is your market?

  • Working with investors

  • Startup investment and valuations

Who is it for?
  • Early stage startups (<1-2 year old)

  • Based in South Yorkshire

  • Able to attend the seminar in person

  • Plenty of energy and enthusiasm

Meet The Team 



Blue Lake Founding Partner




Blue Lake Founding Partner




Programme Manager


You will also learn from experts across industry, investing and entrepreneurship and become a part of the extensive Blue Lake network. We have over 25 mentors, industry experts and investors supporting Blue Lake Accelerator and that are accessible to the founders taking part in the programme.


Media operations are a complex mess and have a significant environmental impact.By unravelling these complexities, Human's Not Robots makes media and entertainment cleaner without disrupting existing operations.

Cleaner, cheaper and  faster media supply chain

Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 16.09.57.png

A platform connecting SME's and Startups with advisors, specialist and mentors on short term contracts

Advisory connector platform

Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 15.09.11.png

GRVTY is a community platform for athletes and their fans that empowers sports people to own, control, and monetise their data and the connections with their true supporters.

The supernova of 

athlete-led communities 

Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 16.21.45.png


SPARQ provides the tools you need to efficiently manage expenses, grow savings, and effortlessly handle your finances

Friendly financial companion in your pocket 

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 14.45.png

An Uber for small packages delivered by anyone traveling by public or private transport targeting the carbon footprint of the 'last mile' challenge

For a world where everyone could be a courier

Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 16.28.07.png

Enabling 200k+ Nigerian-UK Diasporans to send and lend from the $3 billion of annual remittances to Nigerian SMEs

Enabling Nigerian diaspora to lend from the $3 billion of annual remittances to Nigerian SMEs


"I want to thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the accelerator.Although it was not easy for me, it was very useful - to structure everything on the shelves and to hear feedback and advice from you and David".
Arthur Fedorenko, Wiseboard

What I learnt over the weekend has really helped my week to be as productive as I planned. Had a 2-day, 12 hours workshop session with David Gilgur on all I should be doing as a founder in order to grow Applatch from an investor’s point of view. This is a thank you post to Blue Lake VC and TEAM SY for putting together such a functional workshop in Sheffield! ✊

Applatch Ltd,  Samson (Olabamiji) Opaleye,  Blue Lake Workshop 

🚀 An Incredible Weekend at a Startup-Focused.. Class with David Gilgur! 🎓
I just had an absolutely amazing experience attending a dynamic class centred around launching startup businesses and collaborating with VC investors. The event was expertly hosted by the brilliant David Gilgur at Blue Lake VC 💼

Owen Beasley, Blue Lake Workshop 

"I'd like to thank you for all the effort and great work that you have done. BLA is the best accelerator in the UK I've been part of. Honestly, you have built a solid foundation, which can help Blue Lake and the startups from your ecosystem grow."

Blue Lake, Cohort I

"Thank you for the quality you brought to us in terms of access, insights and intros. Blue Lake VC is worth every minute and any startup out there should consider it seriously."
Blue Lake, Cohort I

"Thanks again, we’ve enjoyed learning so much over the past three months and have left the group but take away a lot of new friends!"

Blue Lake, Cohort I

The Blue Lake Accelerator Programme is part of the TEAM SY Project. TEAM SY is part funded by ERDF and delivered in partnership with Capital Enterprise and Barnsley Council

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