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Meet the Captain!

David Gilgur, founder of the Blue Lake Accelerator.

'The people who really run organisations are usually found several levels down, where it is still possible to get things done.'

Following his Masters MSc in Finance and Economics from the University, David worked at Bloomberg, London. After six years of working with the world's largest financial institutions, David left to start Vimes Group. As the Director of Vimes David supported Ukrainian firms and startups making their way on the UK's markets. One of the regular projects run by VimesVC is Ukrainian Startup Roadshow where startups from Ukraine were showcased to London based VC's.

This finally brings us to today. Watching so many amazing Ukrainian startups who do not get nearly as much support o investments as their Western peers prompted the idea of starting the Blue Lae Accelerator. David is a part of the international British - Ukrainian team helping Ukrainian startups to achieve their full potential.

Express Interview.

What is your background? ✔️Like most people who were not quite sure what to do in life, I studied Economics.

Interest? ✔️Books, Sleep, Running, Sofa, Jitsu

Purpose of Blue Lake? ✔️To create the best (most profitable) startup accelerator in the World by helping to grow future tech (and not only tech), giants.

The Favourite TV show? ✔️Too many but Firefly would be somewhere amongst the top once.

What Books are you reading now? ✔️For whom the bell tolls, Thinking fast and slow, Bobiverse series.

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