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Blue Lake VC invests in Search Smartly

We’re proud to announce SearchSmartly’s most recent Seed funding round, led by Blue Lake VC. This round will help fuel SearchSmartly’s expansion in the UK and beyond.

SearchSmartly’s Founder and CEO Taha Dar said: “We met David and Lyubov quite a long time ago and immediately saw how helpful they could be. They made several introductions that ended up adding value and accelerating SearchSmartly’s growth, so it was only natural for us to take our relationship further and partner more formally.

Blue Lake is joined in the funding round by REACH UK, SyndicateRoom's Access (a data-driven super angel fund), and existing investors furthering their investment in the Company.

SearchSmartly’s Founder and CEO Taha said “We are thrilled by the support we’ve received from the investors, and we’re grateful for their confidence in SearchSmartly.”

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