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Blue Lake Accelerator – 2019 General Report

2019 is definitely a special year for the Blue Lake Accelerator as this is when it all started. We are really pleased to publish our very first annual general report summarising our work, what was achieved and the future goals.

Before I start I would like to wish you all very happy holidays, at Blue Lake we certainly have big plans for 2020!

Blue Lake Accelerator was launched in June 2020, registered in the UK with primary operations taking place in the UK. Stripping things down to its bare essences at Blue Lake we are looking to get ahead of the tech investment curve by adopting a new approach to the same fundamental startup investment model.

Instead of competing in the ever more crowded space of established tech scene and ballooning investment rounds we look at a high value, unexplored opportunities at the emerging markets. The country of the initial focus is Ukraine as a place with high startup potential and where Blue Lake team has established expertise.

Our first cohort consisted of ten very early-stage startups. After an intense 10-week acceleration programme in Kyiv four of these startups were introduced to the UK early-stage investors at a London roadshow in December 2019.

The roadshow was a success in many ways and perhaps the most important of them being that it clarified Blue Lake’s path forward. We are very pleased to announce that from February 2020 the main acceleration programme will be taking place in the UK, at the brand new Blue Lake London. In Ukraine, we will be focusing on scouting and launching a new pre-acceleration programme that is to be announced shortly.

This should keep us busy and we are very much looking forward to 2020!

As always all of the stakeholders are welcomed to contact me directly for any further information or clarifications.

Startups - you can still apply for February acceleration in London, visit our site for more details

It's going to be a fun 2020!

Yours sincerely David Gilgur Founding Partner

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