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We are looking to meet as many possible brilliant international founders in the UK as possible, but we can only invest in a handful of opportunities.


What we can do is to invite many more of you to meet the Blue Lake team during our open office hours. This will be an opportunity to obtain honest, unfiltered feedback and ask us anything you like.

You can book a 30 min time slot with one of Blue Lake's partners. Please review the checklist below before booking the slots.

  • Are you a Seed or Pre-Seed level startup?

  • Are you an immigrant founder in the UK?

  • Is the UK one of your principal markets of focus?

  • Have you looked us up to make sure that we are the guys you want to be speaking with?


If answers to all of the above is a "yes" use the links below to book open office hours with one of Blue Lake's partners.

David Gilgur - Book Open Office Hours

Lyubov Guk -  Book Open Office Hours

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