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Techcrunch: For immigrant founders in the UK, office hours with VCs are rocket fuel

Lyubov Guk, Founding Partner at Blue Lake:

"A year ago I could not have imagined that alongside the top UK tech ecosystem players we will be launching the initiative that will change the early-stage startup-investment landscape.

Over the past three years I have been closely working with international founders in the UK and I know first-hand that

a) They build some of the most successful companies in the UK (about 46% of the UK's unicorns were founded by immigrants);

b) Their voice is not strong enough, especially at the early stages.

I wanted to change this. And I did.

Earlier this year together with fantastic people who share my vision we launched International Founders Open Office Hours connecting international founders in the UK or on their way to the UK with the top early-stage investors.

Now, as we completed the first pilot project, I am extremely happy and proud to share the first outcomes, reflections, thoughts about how it was and what is next. You can read the full story on the TechCrunch.

We are just getting started. So what comes next?

I want to invite:

  • International founders to join the waiting list to participate in the Office Hours 2.0 we are launching in Q1 2023;

  • Early-stage investors (VCs, family offices, syndicates, angels) who are able to dedicate some of their valuable time to meeting and supporting international founders;

  • Partners and sponsors who would like to support the initiative and help us to scale things up."

If you are interested, please contact us.

We want to thank people without whom it wouldn't be possible:

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