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Start Of The Year Take Off!

New Year, New Investment!

We have had a flying start of the year at Blue Lake, and I wanted to take an opportunity and share our latest news with you. In January we are completing a new investment in a startup software solution for Electric Vehicle home chargers. Really exciting space with very strong drivers particularly in the UK where:

  • Government regulations requiring for all cars sold in the UK from 2030 to be EV

  • From this year all of the residential new-builds have to have EV charge points

About Blue Lake. Plans & Progress

Quick recap. Blue Lake VC invest and support immigrant-led startups in the UK. International founders is a category that punches well above its weight when it comes to building successful startups. However, the same entrepreneurs often lack the necessary UK network to hit the radar of mainstream VCs.

We have analysed the data on the immigrant founders moving to the UK. Top level picture is that the battle for the brains is on and the UK government is waking up to the fact that they are bow competing not only with the US but with EU.

New policies and visa schemes are bow coming into play to help Britain remain the leading European tech ecosystem In the coming years we likely to see rapidly growing numbers immigrant founders at all stages moving to the UK. In fact when it comes to attracting and supporting amazing talent to the UK, at Blue Lake we are far from being passive observers and have something pretty exciting in works, watch this space!

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