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Newton VC programme about lyubov's story

Lyubov Guk, Founding Partner at Blue Lake:

I am grateful to Newton Venture Program for sharing stories like mine, which are probably not typical ones in the VC space.
We all heard many stories about the seeming meteoric VC successes. I do not think we hear nearly as much about the journey itself, which is not always straightforward. At least mine is not.
Two wars in Ukraine turned my life upside down. I do not have top-tier education or previous big-name VC experience. I did not have the ‘social capital’ that many of my peers take for granted. These particular jigsaw pieces quite easily assemble themselves into the word - ‘eternity’.
My path on the way to VC has been a slow but steady one. I think of my background as an advantage, not a curse.
Is it easy to become a ‘VC’ with such inputs? No. Possible? Absolutely. Partially thanks to programmes like Newton Venture Program that opened its door for people like myself whose journeys were never smooth sailing. Moreover, I am pretty confident that we will be the ones who will challenge and change this industry for the better.

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