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Meet our new Partner | Exit Velocity

We are happy to announce our partnership with the US-based accelerator Exit Velocity!

Just a couple of words about team's approach

'We get it!

It used to be great fun when it was just you and your co-founder working out of the garage on the initial MVP.

But then it got complicated as the team grew, investors started asking questions, and product market fit continued to be elusive.

That’s ok! You’re not the first startup founder to experience this and definitely won't be the last. It really doesn't matter if you can’t do it all. What matters is how and when you bring in the best people to set your startup up for success.

At Exit Velocity, we understand you don’t want a bunch of consultants telling you things you already know. You want real-world experience to fill knowledge gaps in your team and ready access to exceptional resources to help scale your business.

Our results speak for themselves and if you're a good fit for us, we would love to dig in, see what makes you tick and get you heading in the right direction Grow, Scale and Thrive.'

Welcome on board, guys!

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