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Meet our new partner Arkane Innovation

We are happy to announce our new partner - the UK-based company with a proven track record, Arkane Innovation.

Arkane Innovation provides strategy, design and implementation for innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, economic development and research commercialisation needs.

Arkane Team offers a range of practitioner-led, practical advisory services and development programs focused on helping organizations prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. Through a rich history of successful initiatives and deep experience, Arkane Innovation has access to very practical and implementable expertise in building innovation systems. The drive to create, sustain, and improve entrepreneurial activity, commercialization and innovation is a key factor for all types of organization.

Created by a world class team with global experience, Arkane's clients include universities, companies, economic development organizations, government agencies and nonprofits around the world.

Arkane team, welcome on board!

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