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Innovation Day In London With A Twist! Blue Lake & DTEK Innovation Select 6 UK Clean-Tech Startups

At Blue Lake VC, part of our core vision is close work with selected corporate partners. No, we don't care about fancy logos on the webpage, but we care a whole lot about the opportunities that these relationships open up for our startups.

Six months ago, Ukraine's largest energy firm's (DTEK) Innovation department approached us with an intriguing proposal. The team was looking to expand its links with Europe's largest tech ecosystem and find startups whose innovative solutions could be implemented back in its main Business streams.

Six months on, and we have completed the first Sprint reviewing 400 startups from Alternative Energy, Hydrogen, VR, Robotics, Grids, EV in the initial funnel, with six finalists selected to participate in the a first of its kind DTEK Innovation Day in London. More importantly, these six teams are now engaged in commercial discussions with relevant heads of Businesses within the DTEK organisation. Big well done to Digitalnauts 🚀, Spottitt , Extend Robotics, Naked Energy Ltd, innoSEP GmbH and OrxaGrid Ltd !

I am very proud of the work Innovation DTEK, and Blue Lake have done and wanted to thank the entire Innovation team and, in particular Emanuele Volpe and Chernukha Dmytro. DTEK has made its first strides in becoming a part of the UK's ecosystem. Now the only way is forward! Special thank you to Alexandra Korotkova, Oksana S and Oksana Dybkina, Vitaliy Mysechko and Olga!

Special shout out to my Partner Lyubov Guk and the entire Blue Lake team (present and past) supporting this project Moritz Goerges, Ashley Ng, Hamza Khan and Evgeny Dunaev.

Thanks to all of our partners, mentors, VCs who have been helping us with identifying the most promising startups and opportunities.

Last but not least, I want to say a huge thank you to all of the startups that have applied! At Blue Lake, we are looking forward to seeing all of you succeeding and supporting and investing in more than a few.

Ok, now that I am done with genuine but rather protracted thank you's, I am keen to get back to what we do best. Supporting the best international founders in the UK and building bridges between investors, startups and corporates.

Back to work.

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