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Innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Last week we tried something new getting together over Zoom with Blue Lake network and our new partner Arkane Innovation.

Professor Gordon McConnell took the audience through a thought-provoking look at the future of innovation and technology, seen through the lens of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Second Machine Age. 

This fifty-minute lecture examined the potential changes that are already occurring now and those that will impact all industries over the next ten years. Covering the surge of new technologies from artificial intelligence to physical robotics to automation systems, the lecture looked at how these will affect human behaviour. It also examined the impact of recent events such as the Covid 19 pandemic on the speed of technology implementation.

The talk also examined how to ‘future proof’ companies and staff for the profound changes that are already impacting our lives and asks profound questions: How will fourth industrial revolution technologies affect what jobs exist tomorrow? What skills will companies need workers to have to ensure success in the future? What kind of talent will companies need to nurture to create a competitive advantage? And how does the wider world of innovation & entrepreneurial thinking potentially prepare companies for this fast-moving future? 

In Blue Lake, we will keep organising this kind of events and meetings with amazing people and exceptional experts on a regular basis, stay tuned!

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