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Blue Lake Update, May 2020

Dear Startups,

A quick update from the Blue Lake Accelerator.

As you can imagine being a startup accelerator centred around physical team presences in our offices meant that we have been doing some thinking over the past couple of months.

We see the current situation as a call to action. Opportunity to evolve and get better, and this is exactly what we have been doing. For now, we will be moving away from a cohort-based approach and be much more individually focused on each startup that we work with. While face to face communication will still play an important role, and we will host startups at our offices this will be done as and if required.

Bad news this means we will not be able to support as many startups as previously, good news we will actually be able to offer more time and resources.

More information about changes, new approach and everything else will be published on our website and FB and LI shortly. We will be reviewing all of the past applications and making individual approaches where we feel we can add value to your work.

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to being in touch with you soon.

Best regards,

Blue Lake Team

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