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Blue Lake + Ukrainian Startup Fund = : )

Blue Lake became an official partner of Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF). Startups can now apply to join the Acceleration part of Blue Lake through the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

Why is this interesting?

Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF) is a government-backed ongoing grant program for seed and pre-seed startups. From online applications, a panel of experts selects around 12 startups. Every other week these startups pitch on an open demo day with 5-6 winning grants between $25K-$50K.

Not surprisingly, this means that USF has the best pipeline of early-stage startups in Ukraine, and now we are a part of this deal flow! Combined with our own deal sourcing work this creates an incredible pipeline. In turn, this is a significant boost to Blue Lake strategy of uncovering, great early-stage startups, investing in them and linking with the UK market.

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