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Blue Lake's home in Kyiv!

We are delighted to announce our partnership with iHUB - one of the leading hubs for startups and technology companies in Ukraine. Blue Lake's pre-acceleration program which commences on the 27th of January 2020 in Kyiv will be hosted at iHUB.

Happy to join the iHUB family where you can find the most talented entrepreneurs, startups, partners, clients, employees, and investors.

We look forward to our fruitful long-term cooperation!


iHUB – is a combination of modern coworking and historic architecture in the heart of the city. Spacious open space, private offices, designer meeting rooms, leisure areas and event halls. In iHUB we only have topical events and top speakers. You will not be bored as we have events for everyone’s taste: masterclasses, workshops, hackathons, investor meetings, pitches and a lot more. iHUB is not just a community, it’s a family where you can join to the most talented entrepreneurs and startups or find partners, clients, employees and even investors.

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