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Blue Lake Club Update - December 2020

We are all probably feeling like we had enough of the friendly spam of 'season's greetings' followed by some appropriate neutral wording and an 'e-card’, so I am dispensing with those. Instead, I want to share with you this year's last update from Blue Lake team.


Blue Lake was accredited as one of 5 organisations by Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF). USF is a unique state-funded initiative offering grants ($25K-$50K no equity) to early-stage Ukrainian startups. Every 2-3 of weeks 12 selected startups pitch to an expert panel and winners get a grant funding. Not surprisingly over the past two years of its operations, USF has emerged as by far the most active funder of early-stage startups in Ukraine with an incredible reach. This partnership agreement is an excellent development for Blue Lake and will significantly boost the deal-flow quality and reach.


For startups on this mail list, we have reopened Blue Lake Open Office hours feel free to (virtually) drop by.


2020 was an interesting year for us and not just for the obvious reasons. We have set an ambitious goal of setting up a new VC fund, run by a new management team with a unique investment strategy and approach.

We have built the foundation, developed processes, launched an acceleration programme opened scouting office in Kyiv and of course met amazing founders and did our early investments. Next year we will be building on all of this hard work as Blue Lake VC will be going fully live!

I want to thank you all the people that have been supporting us so far. Friends, investors, mentors, partners, colleagues, founders, all of you are the reason why Blue Lake exists. We are looking to working with you and welcoming new partners in the coming year.

Happy holidays everyone!

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