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Blue Lake Class, the First Cohort

Just two weeks ago we have commenced the intensive educational three-month program covering the most significant aspects of the startup's life from the very inception. During the acceleration startups will learn, grow, gain contacts and investment opportunities. You can find the framework of the program here.

We adopted what became a classical acceleration model with our own know-how and uniqueness of the Ukrainian market.

Above all, startups gain access to an outstanding international community of world-class mentors. Pretty much any issues that may face a new business - our mentors been there and done it, probably quite a few times. The right mentor also can bring invaluable contacts with potential clients, partners, and investors and we are carefully expanding Blue Lake mentor network ables to offer startups an ever-increasing range of opportunities.

And now, let us meet the startups from Blue Lake's first cohort.

If any of these projects sounds of interest to you, don't hesitate to contact us to get more information.

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