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Market validation starts on day one and then stays as a permanent feature in the life of most startups. In plain language, Market Validation is obtaining a prompt feedback for your products or services from your potential clients before you spend a lot of time and money building the wrong thing.

Importance of market validation is hard to overestimate. Product development, extending your service offering, entering new markets - all requires a clear understanding of the actual client's requirements.

This is a 1-2-1 interactive online class lead by Blue Lakes Accelerator Partner - David Gilgur with 7 years experience in supporting SME and startups new market entry and product development.


  • What is market validation?

  • The link between market validation and the Lean approach.

  • Validation breakdown.

  • Hypotheses creation and usage

  • Validation channels, secondary and primary

  • Q&A

About us

"Introduction To Market Validation For Startup" Lake is a product-focused accelerator with market validation being a speciality of ours. With a dedicated in-house analytics team, the extensive network of contacts across a wide array of industries and countries we deliver a professional and independent market validations assessment.

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